"Three Years After the Leader's Demise." (首领宰死后第三年)



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Without being carefully cared for by others, the wild flowers that can be seen everywhere can only be drowned in darkness. Even so, they still survive with a little bit of light and work hard to bloom.
You never looked at me.
But you passed me by, and that was enough.

What are you thinking? Are you happy that you are finally free? Or are you tired of letting go and laughing at yourself, swallowing your last cry for help from the human world when you should have known better? qwq dazai...


    1. Elder_Huang Feb 12, 2024
      This is nice, would definitely read when have time
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    2. delulu reader Feb 12, 2024
      A garden may be filled with exquisite flowers,they may exude aromas and beauty in their own ways,they may look heavenly and enchanting enough to drown a person,but when a person sets his eyes on one particular flower,no matter big or small,dim or bright,colourful or bland,or how majestic the surrounding flowers are,he'll always give his attention to that flower :)
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    3. Voidiris Feb 11, 2024
      I guess it's some form of metaphor for abandoned and lonely people? I don't feel like analysing it...
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