Love as shallow as you.



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I found our romance not to be one filled with passion.

You were simply a snake hunting for its prey. Strangling me with your sweet lies of affection.

That is all our relationship ever was a pretense for you to lust after me simply being infatuated with how I am without knowing who I am.

Wanting to morph and change me to match your superficial idea of what a lover is. Our love was hallow.

I became a fool accustomed to your dishonesty.

You became obsessed with this false twisted love.

Leaving you is something I do not regret.

There are no apologies you can give, no anguish that needs to be fixed. The penitence you seek does not need to be fulfilled. It was a shallow love to you, a love that was never deep.

The bitterness that you left me with is gone along with my yearning for you. The delight I felt turned to sorrow when I learned the truth. The adoration I had was met with treachery.

It is certainly the end of us. Our love may be dead, but I will love again. You already showed me your regret. What you have done cannot be repaired.

For our love was as shallow as you.