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Yoasobi's Yuusha reminds me of a journey, full of fun adventures and experiences with people you care for. You can feel how deep of a bond they hand in that 10 year journey and how much Frieren treasure that 1/1000th of her life.

While Milet's Anytime Anywhere feels more like "We're always with you even if we're not there anywhere". As if they live on with Frieren in her memories. It honestly reminds me of Himmel the most, the way he left statues so he'll still be there with Frieren or the way he wanted Frieren to see the flowers from his hometown or even the way Frieren collects random spells coz an idiot (Himmel) like her spells.

On the other hand, Yorushika's Haru makes you feel like you're savoring the afterglow. Like the journey ended and you're finally going home. I like this one the most, certain lyrics reminds me of Himmel and Flamme.

Am not speaking sensibly.. but yah just wanna share xD


    1. Nefasdetestasti Apr 2, 2024
      Getting melancholic aren't we?
    2. Gandire Alea Apr 2, 2024
      Fumu, do you want to adventure with your friends??