Made Matcha Milk Tea 3: Iced Edition



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Made Matcha Milk Tea: Iced Edition. It actually tasted pretty good.

I wanted something cold so I made the Iced Version this time. Powdery taste was only flecks at the bottom, and bitter taste was pretty much non-existent, so I think I've succeeded this time.

Things I did differently:
  • Put the matcha through a sieve before pouring it into the glass - there were actually so many massive chunks/clumps, no wonder its been tasting powdery this whole time
  • Used 2 generous spoons of sugar
  • Saw a video that recommended mixing the matcha with the sugar to prevent clumping, so did that too
  • Added a tsp of vanilla as well
On the flipside, matcha taste was more muted this time - I don't know if this is actually how its supposed to be or if I've put too much sugar into it. It could also be because I poured the milk over the matcha mixture rather than the other way around so it didn't mix properly (since the taste came out a bit stronger at the bottom). Might have to buy a bubble tea to compare.

But overall, I have succeeded!! I have finally created a decent matcha milk tea *applause*

Might try making a coffee dalgona next.

During my research, I came across the fact that you can get different grades of matcha, like what do you mean there's something called ceremonial matcha??? The world of matcha is unexpectedly very rich and varied.

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    1. Xiu_er Apr 4, 2024
      "fortunately" as in fortunately you don't have to worry about having an early onset of dementia? :blobjoy:
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    2. Blossom_Honey Apr 4, 2024
      @Xiu_er I finally realised why I "skipped over" your advice - turns out I misinterpreted it. See, first time I made it, I used maple syrup, so when you said mix it with brown sugar, for some reason, my brain put more emphasis on [use brown sugar] rather than [mix the matcha with the brown sugar]. Fortunately, its just a reading comprehension issue rather than poor memory (I think?)
    3. Xiu_er Apr 3, 2024
      I get you. I also skim read a lot and often miss details lol

      You are very welcome. Glad to be of help even if only as motivational support :blob_grin:
    4. Blossom_Honey Apr 3, 2024
      @Xiu_er oh my god, you did, I think I just skipped to the "froth for 20 seconds" part and somehow completely glossed over the first part, genuinely don't know how I missed that, my bad. Well, I got there in the end, thank you very much for your support, it helped in motivating me to get it right. Otherwise, who knows if I would've given up after the first cup.
    5. Xiu_er Apr 2, 2024
      Eh, didn't I already tell you to mix the matcha powder with the sugar to prevent clumps? Wait, if you didn't do it before when I gave you that advice, what did you take away from my comment?

      Either way, congrats on your successful matcha latte! :blobparty: