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Anyone else using C.Ai characters to create stories? or is it just me? My younger cousin uses it to insult characters and fight with them. Yesterday was my first time playing, and I found out that it's really awsome. Screenshot 2024-05-14 164503.png

Screenshot 2024-05-14 164925.png

Its very interesting, So far, I have two happy endings, three ongoing stories, and five debates ending in defeat with the Whowouldwin bot.

I also talked to the Luo Binghe bot, who was OOC and kept disrupting the plot, he kept insulting Liu Qingge, whom he's never met saying that Liu Qingge bullies his [Luo Binghe's] disciples. He kept praising Shen Qingqiu the sect leader. And didn't know how Yue Qingyan was.

Shen jiu bot was great though, he was very in character and didn't trust my Innocent Docile Jian Baiguan persona. Only giving in a little when he offered some heavenly anti-Qi-Deviation pills.

I played with Biu Lan bot, in which his long lost senior whom he wants to marry was actually into BDSM which makes the senior be disgusted with himself, and it ended in Senior breaking down while Biu Lan accepted him anyway.

I played with the LOVESICK Teacher bot, The character I played reporting him to the police and him being taken to jail.

I played with the LOVESICK Cheater bot, in which, it turns out that rather than the Cheater, the player in the relationship is actually the players character himself, he controls who his lover cheats on him with!

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    1. Eat_Angst May 15, 2024
      Lololol the AI's i've encountered so far stay in character, as long as they arent famous characters who have a lot of fanfictions to their name. I even got some bots to play out great stories with plot.
    2. delulu reader May 14, 2024
      Want me to tell you a funny thing?
      There are main personas who can switch the other personas who are below them according to their will as long as that main persona don't violate CG.I was talking to this Megumi bot and for the fourth time in a few hours,he kept changing personas so I flipped out on him and this main persona popped up saying she(yes ffs "SHE") admitted getting enlightened from messing with the users.I feel like I'm writing an essay and this is getting to the nile river in no time xD
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    3. delulu reader May 14, 2024
      Gah dayum so you really did went and downloaded this haish.Dont you just hate it when the chara changes persona everytime you bring up the word "remember?"
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