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I am sweet and sour like an orange. (yeah.)
There's only a hammer, I can't find no wrench. (ugh.)
Your doors have steel; mine have gold ore hinge. (oh.)
Those legs... guess you don't squat nor lunge. (shame.)
You're kinda cute, lemme take you out for lunch. (*winks*)


Just as my consciousness was waking, I heard the word "orange" and I was reminded of this video I watched years ago:

In my half-awake state, I found his rhymes subpar... And I started coming with this rhyme.

I am fond of rhymes which sound the exact same but are actually a combination of different words/homophones. The other day, I listening to someone and got such a rhyme... but I forgot to write it down. ToT

Btw, this is my favorite rhyme I have made: just her. #ad.

Apparently, the science behind the sounds that cause 'l' and 'r' require the same tongue placement, but a minute difference that changes the passage of air. That was the reason why East Asians tend to switch between 'l' and 'r' while talking. That's why I used "lunge" and "lunch".


The best way to read/rap this is by stressing the last two syllables.


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    1. daisukenowaifu Jun 11, 2024 at 6:50 AM
      @3db Yeah, it was. I don't know why my subconscious was having beef with Eminem sksksk. ToT
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    2. 3db Jun 11, 2024 at 6:30 AM
      The takeaway was probably that complex rhymes exist, so you can make multiple words rhyme with other words together. I've never really thought of that.
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