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Oh my goddd.... The month of February has come again. Where all chocolates and flowers reveals themselves.

Here I am still single asf. Well that doesn't mean I'm bitter or what shit (sort of). But you could say in this month of February I am in that 'In love' phase? Yes there is a question mark because I don't know if I really am in love. I don't want to make such conclusion yet.

It was at the early weeks of January, the seniors were recruiting for the war dance. I who was kinda interested joined despite the stress of being a class president. I'm not the talkative friendly person but if the person first talks to me that's where I keep my conversation going. It was around the first week of dance practice, I noticed her. She very much stand out because her way of dancing is very smooth and her presence is very cool. You know those women that gives of prince charming vibes. That is what I saw in her.

I was just interested at first but as I interacted with her quite often, I don't know what to feel. Is it the feeling of admiration like a fan to an idol or like being infatuated? Is this what crush is? So yeah plus she look out to me a lot compared to other seniors. Idk if I'm just being a delulu but that is what I see in her.

I feel like I'm relating the our school's media whose theme for February is stupid love. This very much sounds like stupid love to me.



    1. delulu reader Feb 12, 2024
      Ikr? Valentine's Day for them,vinegar day for me.*laughs in sarcasm*
    2. delulu reader Feb 12, 2024
      Welcome aboard!!
      I relate with this so much T-T
      It's true,the sickening and disgusting day of the singles is almost near and here we are,still conflicted about our feelings towards the opposite sex,tough life.
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    3. Today Also I Chug Vinegar Feb 19, 2024
      Because no has caught my eye yet. This male lead needs a female lead who has a clear mind
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    4. Theomoore Feb 18, 2024
    5. Today Also I Chug Vinegar Feb 13, 2024
      Not to brag, but I've been confessed to on this day multiple times before, but I'm single to this day. I'm just looking forward if anyone will confess this year, since I've been more closed off than ever.
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    6. Theomoore Feb 12, 2024
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