Sleepy Fairytales: A tale of Tilga the tiger (Pt. 1)



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Greeting nuffians, I am your beloved @sleepandeatallday ,your cute storyteller.

So today we are talking about a certain (not so)fearsome tiger named @Tilgarial ! Yes we all know this adorable lazy tiger but we have not seen him for many days!

What could've happened to him? Why did he disappear? Rumors about his disappearance had spread everywhere? But only few know the truth of his disappearance! With much difficulty, your brave storyteller Sleepy ventured into the dark alleys of NUF to investigate his disappearance.

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So Tilga the tiger was a lazy fellow. Some says that once he goes to sleep, he can sleep for days! But for such a lazy person, surprisingly he shouldered many responsibilities! Tilga had a heart of gold filled with kindness though he rarely showed it! Thus he adopted many stray kids from the streets of NUF and raised them well.... ok well maybe he didn't raise them well cause they all turned out to be insane but it's the thought that matters!

Anyways moving on with the story, Tilga the tiger adopted many kids but was irresponsible in taking care of them which caused resentment to grow in the hearts of his kids!

"You are an irresponsible parent" mocked @no preservatives allowed ,who claimed to Tilga's favourite child.

Poor poor Tilga was so hurt by NPA's rude words that his heart shattered into a million peices. He ran out of house and burst into tears just like a dramatic mary sue protagonist!

He kept running and crying, his vision blurry. Soon he found himself in an unfamiliar dark place. He saw a café at the end of the dark street named ' @Ahodesuga 's tavern for lost people (recommended by @Gandire Alea)'. Right below the signboard was some words written in bold 'Free food to lolis and shotas.'
And below those words was something scribbled in short letters, barely readable. It said "enter at your own risk! @ikhors and @Bad Storm inside"

The (not so smart)Tilga walked right inside that suspicious place unknown about the danger lurking in the shadows. Unaware that soon his life would never be the same again...


Want to know what happened to Tilga after he entered that tavern? Would Tilga be able to survive and gain his lost respect back? What happens next? Keep tuned with your storyteller @sleepandeatallday to know more. Part 2 would be updated soon!~

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