Jan 9, 2016
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Boat Riding Through The Fjord On The 474th Floor
[ѕтαℓкιηﻭ вℓα¢ккηιﻭнтﻭσ∂չιℓℓα] [αιιєє'ѕ ѕтαя]


[Ani's C☕ffee-mate #3] [Shady Merchant], Male, from Boat Riding Through The Fjord On The 474th Floor

Who wants an icon? Jun 12, 2024 at 3:59 PM

    1. akki
      Who wants an icon?
      1. SleepingTaiger likes this.
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      3. Esha07
        Can I have your surname? And the property papers? Thanks!
        Jun 12, 2024 at 9:35 PM
      4. akki
        That last one sounds like an odd marriage proposal..
        Jun 13, 2024 at 9:25 AM
      5. I Am Made Of Memories
        Jun 13, 2024 at 9:31 AM
    2. akki
      Thanks for the icon~
      1. Anazi likes this.
    3. Bright_Lucky_Star
      1. akki
        Jun 6, 2024
      2. Bright_Lucky_Star
        She has gone
        Jun 7, 2024 at 2:01 AM
      3. akki
        Jun 12, 2024 at 3:59 PM
    4. akki
      Are the extra chapters at the end of lord of the mysteries a part of the novel that need to be read? Or it's not required~
      1. Kelsealoufromkalamazoo
        I’m not sure, I just read them cause I wasn’t ready for the story to be over
        Jun 6, 2024
    5. akki
      On Wednesday I went to the office and I found an AirPod, Apple watch and a laptop bag. I wonder if I'll find anything today~
    6. akki
      Why is it getting so hot in May?
      1. Kiss likes this.
      2. Kiss
        Near the end of Spring maybe?
        May 19, 2024
    7. akki
      Buffet time~ (•~•)/
      1. milk bottle likes this.
      2. milk bottle
        milk bottle
        May you get your moneys worth *nod nod* eat the expensive stuffs!!
        May 16, 2024
        akki likes this.
      3. akki
        The better and expensive food was not available. They don't serve them until 5pm. I did eat my money's worth though~
        May 19, 2024
        milk bottle likes this.
    8. akki
      I'm in the office again tomorrow. Nothing wrong with going to a buffet place for lunch right?
      1. daisukenowaifu
        It's your money~
        May 15, 2024
    9. akki
      Should I get a pizza or burger meal on my way home?
      1. GonZ555, SleepingTaiger, 3db and 2 others like this.
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      3. Flying Burrito
        Flying Burrito
        May 3, 2024
      4. akki
        Looks like burger is winning. I'll get the pizza next Friday~
        May 3, 2024
      5. Nefasdetestasti
        May 3, 2024
    10. Bright_Lucky_Star
    11. akki
      Who wants a valentine's day icon?
      1. By.Eve likes this.
      2. By.Eve
        Apr 14, 2024
        akki likes this.
      3. ikhors
        gimme gimme
        Apr 15, 2024
        akki and By.Eve like this.
    12. akki
      Eid Mubarak to my Muslim brothers and sisters~
      1. By.Eve, amilhs and theknownuser like this.
    13. sleepandeatallday
      1. By.Eve likes this.
    14. Raneday

      1. sleepandeatallday
        *gasp* I wanna stab too!
        Mar 27, 2024
    15. akki
      I feel annoyed~
      1. SleepingTaiger likes this.
    16. Emmyy
      I might go over Spring Break to check it out thx !
    17. Emmyy
      I'm thinking of teaching in London in the Fall. I know you know the best coffee shops lol but where is a safe moderately priced area to live ?
      1. GonZ555 likes this.
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      3. Emmyy
        Hmm..why did I think you lived in London haha...that's fine I will figure it out...I thought you were a coffee lovin' Londoner!
        Feb 27, 2024
      4. akki
        I'm pretty sure I've seen people here from London. I'd say create a thread and ask for advice. You should get some suggestions~
        Feb 29, 2024
        Emmyy likes this.
      5. Emmyy
        Thx! good idea ❤!
        Mar 1, 2024
        akki likes this.
    18. Accidentally
      *pours boba*
    19. Little Star
      Little Star
      *pours milk tea*
    20. Daisydacrazy
      *pours u a cup of coffee*
      1. akki likes this.
      2. ScyllaNeil
        Suspicious coffee...
        Dec 29, 2023
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    Home Page:
    Boat Riding Through The Fjord On The 474th Floor
    [ѕтαℓкιηﻭ вℓα¢ккηιﻭнтﻭσ∂չιℓℓα] [αιιєє'ѕ ѕтαя]
    Akki is a present
    A wonderful person
    Especially to his sisters
    But no one will be bitter
    Cause he's charming like a magnet
    But acts like our very own mascot
    – Pyoo

    [Current Death Count: +371]​


    How to kill boredom
    I have tried to answer this question in the past.
    I went on a long journey searching high and low for the answer.
    In the end I came across an old wise man who said he had the answer.
    He had me training day and night, running for miles, lifting heavy weights etc.
    I had no idea why I was training but I decided to put my faith in him.
    Eventually I became really strong, my training was over.
    Finally I asked him why he had me train, how did it help in killing boredom.
    ‘Boredom’, he said. ‘I thought you wanted to kill Bormann’.
    What! I shouted. Wtf is a Bormann?
    ‘Martin Bormann’, he said, ‘He was a Nazi.
    Huh! A Nazi? You had me training to kill a dead Nazi. Wtf is wrong with you?
    In a fit of anger I killed the old man. Thus I began the search once more.
    A search for how to kill boredom….
    Finding boredom
    So killing boredom ended in failure.
    But I trained, got strong, buff if you will.
    Scratch that, buff is a terrible word to use. Forget I even said it.
    But hey, I’m now strong enough to kill boredom when I find it.
    Hmm is boredom an ‘it’? Could it not be a ‘he’ or ‘she’?
    Well I just complicated this for myself now didn’t I?
    Is boredom an intangible thing or is it a flesh and blood thing?
    How does one find out, where does one look?
    When in doubt, Google it. That’s what they say.
    Now don’t ask me who they are, this is complicated enough as it is.
    So where were we, ah that’s right Google. Searching, searching, searching….
    The results…what? You’ve got access to the internet, search for it yourself.
    30,200,000 hits, I don’t have time for this. How do I simplify things?
    Hmm maybe I’ll try researching in the library…..
    Researching Boredom
    I’ve arrived at the library….man I've not been here in years.
    Now where should I start? Asking for help might not be a good idea…
    …’Excuse me, got any books on boredom?’ Sounds stupid right!?
    I’ll just browse around for now; I might get lucky.
    Let’s see, kids, fiction, non-fiction, photography, biscuits, sciences, history, I.T.
    Eh!!! Did I see that right! Yeah…t-that really is an entire section on biscuits…
    It’s not even cook books with recipes. It’s literally hundreds of books about biscuits.
    Wtf is going on? This library, why does- no I’m getting distracted.
    I shouldn’t forget my purpose here. Let’s sear- oops crap!
    ‘I’m sorry; I wasn’t looking where I was going. Let me get that for you.’
    Looking at what fell it's a book, well duh, but why does it look so strange?
    Excuse me miss here's yo- woah a jade like beauty......Why did I say that? I'm losing it haha...
    Here~ huh she gone. Hey you forgot your book, this erm ehhh- Boredom Sect ~ NUF....how..?
    I'm so confused. I need to investigate this...
    Investigating Boredom
    This book, it's old, too old, ragged too. Looks kinda outta place here me thinks.
    And these words~ what is this feeling I get when my eyes brush past them?
    What is NUF? National something? United? Foundation?
    When in doubt, Google it. That’s what they say. I said that last time right?
    Okay let's see; don’t let me down Google sensei~ N U F – search...
    And the top result is: Norskregistrert utenlandsk foretak. Erm I don’t think that’s it.
    Oh wait idiot, forgot the key part. N U F Boredom Sect – search…
    This result looks promising: Discussion - NUF Sects | Novel Updates Forum.
    Hmm it’s missing the word boredom……meh! *click*
    Would you like to see a NUF Sect go against another NUF Sect? (For Fun and for Laughs)
    Eh~ friendly sect wars? And 78.8 % say yes. What have I stumbled on to?
    Forever Alone Sect, Cat Sect, Sectless Sect, Chocolate Sect, Chaos Sect…
    Am I in the wrong place? Where’s the Boredom Sect? How do I find it?
    Maybe I should join NUF…
    "That sound in your heart, what is it?" – Sylar
    Don’t text and drive!
    [Current Death Count: +371]
    Glossary Of Terms
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