Forgotten Title Chastity reversal cultivation novel

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    This novel is from SFACG. I tried to search this via web version of the site (as I can auto translate content) but due to the web version's limitation, the web only given 10 pages result.

    This novel is in male protogonist perspective and take place in a matriarchy cultivation world where man is weaker than woman. The mc is taken care by a sect that famous for dual cultivation from a young age and if you read many cultivation novels, you will notice this type of sect. Basically, their method of cultivate using the weaker sex partner (in this world, it is man) as a power source to drain power and in some case cultivation level via sexual actions.

    In the begining, the protagonist is reading a novel and he is transmigated into it as a child of a normal family. While the protagonist did not have any unique body to help him surpass his male's body weakness, he is blessed with a beautiful features and when he is 3, the Sect Master come to his home and recuit him as her discipline. During his years in the Sect, beside normal cultivation, the mc was also taught about reading people emotion and attitude so he can pleased his female partner more. Fast forward to the next 15 years, he now become the most beautiful male cultivator in the Sect and given the title Holy Son of the Sect. One day, the Sect Master come to his room and have a conversation about his role as the Holy Son. While the master comments on how beautiful and good manners he has become, the mc see through his master's lies and know the truth is that he is just a bargain tool to help the sect expand its influence. At the end of the conversation, the master remind him of his role and asked him to come to the next recuiting event. The mc accepts it and play his cute boy role as usual. But before she left, the boy asked her permission to descend the mountain to play and was accepted.

    During his trip, he thinks about the next recuiting event as he recalled that the heroine of the novel he is transmigated into make her debut in this event. He thought about gaining the heroine trust and favour but later discard this idea as he dont want to risk as many of her companions in the novels did not recieve well treatment and the novel is still in the writing process so he does not not know if the ending will be a HE or BE for her. When the mc is on his way to returning, he encounters a wounded woman and decides to help her. After treating her, the mc felt tired and went to sleep. But during the night, the woman wakes up and finds his defenseless body next to her. Cannot resisting her temptation, she gives up her rationality and r*pes him. The mc wakes up due to her action and tries to fight back but due to his weak body, she easily restraints him and they mate till the evening of the next day. After gaining back her sense, the girl apologied the mc and gave her a bag that contains many good and rare elixers and a divine weapon that can heal user passively as a repayment for what she done. She then promises the mc that she would return to marry him after avenging. After that, they divided and the mc returned to his sect. Since his chasity view is not the same as this world, that night did not scar him much. However, his lost of virginity is another thing as it degrade his value as a cultivation parter and can ruin his master's plan. Feared of what he will receive, he has no choice but to rely on the heroine now.

    During the recuiting event, the mc notices the heroine right away as she received wounds when she is on her way to this sect. But what he does not expect is that the wounds are that awful and he asked the Sect Master to make that girl his student. The master accepts but warns that she wont archive much with her foundation. The mc then treats her with great care and the two soon forge a bond. The mc admires the heroine's good heart and willpower while the heroine felt indebt as he is the first person to treat her kindly like that. In the novel, he many time comment that if he experience what she received, he will become a devil cultivator right away. The two have many slice of life moments and a little adventure where the heroine found her first changing point that make her foundation become better.

    However, good time flies fast as the Sect Master found a good partner (buyer) for the mc. She is the only daughter of the leader of a big Sect and like many cocky young masters in common xian xia novel, she has all the bad traits for a wife (husband). The mc tried to prusuade his master but to no end so he decided to play time and pray that he can meet an opportunity to turn the tide. But contrary to his idea outcome, the girl become impatent with the mc's neglection and use force to get him. In the last chapter I read, the mc is caught when he is sleeping and his clothes are scatter, the chapter end with the mc hopelessly lying in the bed before the act.
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