Forgotten Title Favourability system bl danmei

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    So I read this Chinese bl danmei , where the shou is an anchor who dies and then gets attached to system 007 (i think that's the number ) and has to travel to different worldls to get 100% favoribility from the protoganist.

    He still has to broadcast as he travels across world's. And he has no way to identify male protoganist so ends up getting involved with multiple people.

    Some of the arcs that I remember
    - shou is adopted son and gets involved with his adoptive father and two other classmates. He thought the adoptive father was the male lead but he turned out to the villain
    - shou is the second son of marquis family? He is the second son and then his brother shen mingchen(unrelated) falls in love with him and also the brothers from 'Huo' family
    - he becomes a cannon fodder whose dantian was broken as revenge by ex boyfriend and then he falls in love with demon lord. At the end it turns out that the demon lord , the first immortal and the ex-boyfriend are all the same people.[/QUOTE]